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Fishing Charters are great for your next company, scouting, or non-profit event - and Miss Freeport Fishing Charters is your perfect partner for your special event.  We offer half day and full day excursions that can be customized to meet your needs and desires.  All bait and tackle is included.

Come join us for a memorable day on the water.

Corporate Events

Set your organization apart.

Corporate fishing trips can be the best incentive and team building experiences.  When your team has a shared experience, it creates a sense of friendship and bonding.

Fishing excursions are also a great way to entertain clients, and have them see you and your company in a new light

There's nothing more relaxing than a day on the water.

Scouting and Youth Group Events

A fishing excursion is a great way to build character while creating unforgettable experiences.  Your scout or youth group will have a wonderful shared experience as they learn the joys of being on the water and fishing.

Whether they need to get their first introduction or increase their skills. The Miss Freeport V is the perfect venue, and our staff is helpful and dedicated to your success.

Camp Events

Want to break up the routine of camp life?

Want to find another way to build teams and learn new skills?

What better way is there for your camp to go offsite for a day and spend a day on the water. Kids get so excited when they catch a fish!